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Hi guys and welcome to Jade Ainsworth Gossip.

This is my blog where I write about everything from fashion to beauty to lifestyle.

I basically started this up 6 years ago back in 2011, whilst writing for a magazine. I had so many of my readers email me asking where my outfit was from? Where I would recommend that they go if they were going out for a meal? What cocktails I loved? What skincare products would I use? Who done my makeup? So I asked myself… How can I get all this information out to people? One page in a magazine just was not enough space.. Which was when Jade Ainsworth Gossip was born.

At the time I didn’t realise it was going to be something long term or so popular otherwise I may have picked a different name but it’s out there now and too late so Its kind of stuck.

So a little bit of info on me…

I am a full time working single mum who like everybody juggles running a family home with work! I went to private school but I wasn’t really academic I was more worried about the new fashion trends out that month or how many accessories I could jam into my blazer pockets! I would much rather sneak the Vogue or Elle Magazine into my history lesson than learn about Henry VIII or The Vikings. This is when my mum realised I had a passion for anything fashionable and beauty based so decided to put me through a model academy training course. At the time I really didn’t want to attend this as I was extremely shy and didn’t like being the centre of attention but it really helped me gain confidence and experience for later on in life.

I left school and was fortunate enough that my mum was able to buy a beauty salon for me so I quickly became a qualified beauty and nail technician but still this wasn’t for me. I was always late for work and had a real issue with time management. I was only 16 and just started to go out so partying till 6am on a Saturday morning then having a full day of clients from 9am soon made me realise, me and this life were incompatible and that I would really need a work life that was a bit more flexible with not so many early starts!!

I started by sending my modelling portfolio off to EVERY model agency around at that time.. To be hit with a lot of negative replies ( something that you have to be prepared for in this industry!) luckily a few came back with positive remarks  and added me to their books. I done everything from handing out flyers, to being on the flyers, filming for car adverts, food commercials, to being an extra on tv series, taking part in fashions shows, photoshoots, competitions you name it I done it. Not everything was amazing but it was all really good experience and opened a lot of doors for me going forward.

I had a little break from work when I was 21 to have my daughter Jasmine and when I got to 24 I was still getting asked to do jobs so I went back to it full steam ahead.. now I work full time.. 7 days a week between modelling, running the family hairdressing business ‘ ‘ Hairfields ‘, my blog and column I write for, for the news paper and most recently launching my own hair extension range Miss JA www.missja.co.uk . Alot of people think that once you have a baby / children that you have to give up work and your own ambitions and dreams but I am proof that you can do it all. I am lucky that I have an amazing mum who helps me with everything. She enables me to make everything happen… We have a good balance. My advice to anyone reading this is.. Dont sit still, keep moving, make plans, go over them monthly and work through them and you will live the life that you want!!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you have any questions or enquires, or would like to be featured please send email me an email. jade@jadeainsworthgossip.co.uk

Thank for reading love

Jade x

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