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Tonight… The Shankly Hotel in Liverpool will be taking over everyone’s living room. Part 1 of a 4 episode series takes place on BBC 1 at 8pm.

The show goes behind the scenes at Signature Living’s most famous Hotel.

The Grand Party Hotel focuses on visitors from different walks of life and how they all come together to celebrate occasions that are special to them.  One being myself!!!

I am so lucky that I get to spend time in all the Signature Living Hotels. Not only do I get to see everything I also get to call it my place of work. From the very start of the Signature Living journey over a decade ago… Owners Lawrence and Katie Kenright have brought something totally different to the city that was nothing like ever before. The first time I walked into one of their party rooms on Bold Street in Liverpool city centre I was totally blown away. Where in Liverpool or anywhere else for that matter are you able to take the party from where ever you are on a night out and take it back to your hotel room. The amount of people they sleep, the floor space, the bathrooms, the pools, Jacuzzi’s the fact you can have DJ’s.. the list goes on. Its safe to say they set the standards extremely high in the Hote game.

I love all their hotels.. Signature Living, 30 James Street, Shankly and now Dixie Dean. Each one has something totally different to offer. Signature Living was the first to hit the city and brought so much attention to Liverpool when it first opened its doors. 30 James Street – The home of the Titanic is such a historical venue. Not only is it a hotel, bar, function room and restaurant it also homes a 5 star Spa where I have had the opportunity of having some amazing shoots over the past few years. The Shankly Hotel has got to me my personal  favourite… Behind every door there’s a story.. and whatever your into there is a room that will be perfectly suited for you. .Every room has  ‘thee’  perfect back drop for any photo shoot or night out. Especially now with the way social media is. Everyone wants that perfect shot / selfie and I can honestly say there is no better place than this hotel.

The show tonight will show all of this and so much more. The staff put in so much effort and the management go above and beyond nothing is too much trouble. Whatever event or occasion you have there is no better place for you to spend it.

So make sure you all check out BBC One at 8pm tonight so you can see what an amazing brand Lawrence and Katie have created over the past few years and how hard they work not only to set the standards but to keep them at the top.. I am so excited to see what comes next!!!!

The Shankly Hotel 

Millennium House

60 Victoria Street


L1 6JD


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