My Personal Covid Experience

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Hey guys and welcome to one of very few posts of 2020… well what can I say what a year it’s been so far.. it’s been a roller-coaster of highs and lows from my personal opinion but I presume it’s been very similar to each and every one of you.

My year started with my little grandad having a really bad stroke and eventually passing away in the middle of the lockdown. Emotions were extremely high for myself and everyone around me.

 I became quite unwell towards the end of January / beginning of February with what at the time was thought to be a really bad chest infection and when I say really bad I mean bed bound… severe flu symptoms but the strange thing was my symptoms would change each week. Initially it was a temperature ( extremely high 39 something ) I had shooting nerve pains up and down my legs and back..  but you know that feeling when you just can’t move out the bed! Then came the most painful head ache ( felt like a hammer was inside my head.. no joke!! ), which then changed to an extremely  dry throat the only way I could describe was like sand was stuck in there and no matter how much I drank it didn’t budge.

Bear in mind all this was before the dreaded lockdown and covid had hit England.  My body just wasn’t shifting this and by week 6  the dreaded breathing issues started. It felt like  my nose and lungs had fallen out with each other and every breath I took they just didn’t link up it was quite a scary feeling. At that point the doctor still didn’t know what was up with me but I called an ambulance twice and was advised if I didn’t have covid and I went to hospital my immune system would be that low the chances of me getting out were very slim. I felt sick…  all these crazy thoughts  go through your mind I’ve never been in a situation like that before all I kept thinking was if anything happened to me how would my daughter cope?? My Dr suggested I tried an inhaler and some breathing exercises which looking back now seems no big deal but at the time it was a huge concern and the more issues you have with breathing the more anxious you get and the harder it becomes. Very slowly the days passed and I started to feel a bit better.

When I was able to come down stairs I done what we all do.. got the bleach out.. I must have used 3 bottles!! So much so my daughter was coughing and choking with the fumes…  then it dawned on me I couldn’t smell a thing.. I lit my Jo Malone Candles and  I thought to myself wow I’ve only had these a couple of months and they’ve already lost their smell… after a few hours and making a cup of tea I realised my taste had completely gone too  and this was about 3 weeks before it hit the news that this was one of the major tell tales signs of the virus. I called my Dr ( again!! ) really concerned as I have had a few different strains of viruses  in the past but never lost my taste and smell.. I was then tested and told I had the virus and I now have the anti bodies which in one way is really good as I’m not so worried about getting it as my body should be able to show some immunity to it now.

If anyone reading this has been infected with the virus you will know the after effects are extreme fatigue.. and I don’t mean the odd afternoon siesta I mean jet lag style! I have always loved my bed but what I’ve realised from all this is if you feel you’re a little bit tired or not feeling 100% just rest your body is trying to tell you it needs some down time while it repairs itself.

Once the virus had left my system and I was starting to feel back to normal again I had my bloods done on a private website called www.Thriva.co and ill be honest it’s the best thing I have done. The results showed I was B12 and Vitamin D deficient.. they were the lowest they could possibly be. I’m still unsure if this was a result of the virus or if I had this issue prior and this is why it effected me so badly. The NHS are brilliant at doing blood tests but they don’t break down every vitamin, hormone level, liver function, sugar level etc for you to see. By getting these results you can monitor exactly what you are lacking.. take the necessary actions to improve whatever your deficient in and then test again in 3 months to make sure what you are doing is improving your health. Just making the odd little adjustment can restful in you feeling so much better and having a much better quality of life.  Im finally back on track and feel really good. I work on my immune system daily, I take Super B-Complex tablets and also a high dosage of Vitamin C of a morning when I first get up. When I have my lunch or mid-day snack I take Vitamin D and Seluim which also has A C and E  and then of  a night before bed I take a couple of Magnesium ( which I swear by and have done for ages). If I have learnt anything  these past 6 months it is your health should be priority and not just in wanting to feel good in day to day life but at how you should be preserving your cells and body for the years ahead.


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