Facial Contouring Using Fillers By Dr Fab Equizi At Enhance Clinispa

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If any of you have read my previous blog posts or watched my social media pages you will know I am not shy when it comes to having a little bit of Botox. For someone who was absolutely petrified of needles to now being able to lie there without flinching ( or crying as I would have in the past!) is only down to one person and that is Dr Fab.


I met Dr Fab 8 years ago ( previously known as The Lip Doctor in Maghull Liverpool) and he told me prevention is better than cure when it comes to aging and aesthetics and its one bit of advice I am so glad I followed!

Dr Fab is a top practitioner In his field and is the only person I would ever go to for any cosmetic facial enhancement or procedures.


Over the past 8 years I have had Botox in my forehead, crow’s feet and bunny lines. As soon as I start to feel a little bit of movement I go back and I have noticed the more I have it done the less i need.


Once I got to my 30’s I noticed I was starting to have a loss of volume under my eye area and cheeks. I felt they were starting to look slightly deflated. I have months where I train non-stop and the place I always loose weight  first is my face so this was starting to become a bit of a problem area for me. When I told Dr Fab he explained the anatomy of the face and what happens when we age and suggested I have fillers as they can change the shape of your face in just a few injections. Mine was administered under local anaesthetic with the application of a pain relieving ointment and the whole procedure is pain free.  It takes around 30 minutes to complete taking into account the time for the numbing cream to work. An incision is made with a needle for a cannula to gently be put under your skin then the gel is injected and sculpted to achieve the look you require. The filler softens fine lines and wrinkles, improves symmetry and creates volume or dimension in the area that is needed / requested. I had a small amount of contouring in my mid face and cheek area to give a more youthful healthy volume and also a small amount in my jaw line. All treatments last about 12- 24 months depending on the area and procedure.

The images I have taken are from the visit and I am due to go back next week for a check-up and to see if Dr Fab thinks I need any more.

 I am so happy with my results and I literally cant thank Dr Fab and his practice at Enhance enough.

If there Is any area that you would like to address or need more information on, call 01942 811355 to book in for a consultation. He really is the best in the business!!!

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