Where To Wear A Red Dress

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A red dress is one of the most striking items in fashion. Whether it’s long and formal or a more casual “little red dress” it can make a statement, and it’s something a lot of women love to work into their wardrobes. Even so however, a red dress presents a certain challenge as well. It’s not uncommon to find rundowns of different styles of red dresses or read advice on what to wear with one – but what about where to wear one?

To some extent you need the right occasion and/or venue for such a bold, statement garment. These are a few suggestions in that regard.


You may have heard that red is particularly alluring to men, or you may have simply gotten the idea over time. As it turns out, this isn’t imagined or contrived. Psychological studies have actually proven that red clothing can make women more attractive to men. That’s not to say you need to wear red to a date by any means (because it’s not your job to impress him!). But suffice it to say a red dress on a date can be something of a power move.

Holiday Parties

It almost goes without saying that red is perfect for a holiday party. Naturally the color is associated with Christmas, but at this point it’s more or less synonymous with the whole holiday season, such that no matter what you might celebrate, a red dress will probably do the trick. It can be somewhat costume-like in this case if you choose to make it that way, but theres’s also something to be said for showing up to a holiday party in a classy, straightforward red dress.


Modern dress in general seems to be getting marginally more casual, but professional casinos are among the venues where you can still get away wit ha formal touch just for the sake of one. Dresses and heels have become the norm at many casinos today, and there’s just something nice about standing out as you stroll across the floor. A red dress in this kind of venue just makes you feel like a high roller, even if you’re not much for the gaming tables.


Shows work much like casinos in that they’re among the places where it’s still acceptable, if not expected, to dress up a little bit. Primarily you want to make sure you’re comfortable in your seat, but it’s also nice to make a bold statement while you’re out. For that matter, it’s nice to look your best for a cocktail before or after the show as well.

Out & About

As stated it’s best to have the right occasion or venue to wear a red dress. However, don’t let that keep you from wearing it more casually either. This showcase of examples does a very nice job of showing different cuts, more casual styles, and different ways of accessorizing that can turn your red dress into a more casual option. That way you can simply enjoy it while you’re out and about, particularly during the summer!

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