5 Essential Beauty Tips To Look Good On A Hen Weekend

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Hen weekends are undeniably the most stress free period of a wedding planning. There is no better stress buster than hanging out at the choicest hen do destinations with the bridesmaids and your closest friends and having a blast. But through the weekend that is full of a wide array of activities including endless drinking, long nights and unhealthy food habits, your skin is going to go through a lot.

With the wedding coming up, the stress of skin issues are the last thing the girls and you would want to be dealing with. You don’t want to walk into the wedding with vacant hungover eyes and dull skin, neither want the bride to wake up to zits.

Here are a few tips to ensure you have a great time on your hen weekend while not letting your skin suffer.

Citrus Magic

Think lemons and you instantly start to feel fresh. Citric food and beverages are not only refreshing for your taste buds but also work wonders for  your skin. Vitamin C helps boost your collagen growth which helps get rid of wrinkles.

So have a glass of lime water early in the morning before your wild adventures to salvage your skin and boost your immune system. Also ensure you have some citrus based beverage throughout the day and say goodbye to wrinkles.

Shield Through Sunscreen

I cannot stress how important applying sunscreen is. Its benefits transcend beyond the realm of vanity. It shields you against the harmful carcinogenic rays of sun and the super painful sunburns.

You don’t want to spend a day on the beach on your hen weekend surfing through the waves only to come back with bad sun damage and unflattering tan lines that will look awkward in the wedding day pictures as well as hen do pictures.

So slather on ample sunscreen and shield yourself against burns, premature aging and cancer. Let the sun kiss you and lend you a radiant glow, not burn you.

Hair Care

While we pay copious amount of attention to our skin, we often tend to ignore the hair. On your hen weekend, much akin to your skin, your hair will go through a lot of stress as well. The sun, the hair styling appliances, hair sprays and teasing will contribute significantly to hair damage.

While you can’t let go off styling your locks, you can help contain the damage. Avoid an unnecessary use of chemicals on your hair to begin with. Massage your hair with coconut oil or olive oil and let it soak in overnight. Alternatively, if you can stomach it, put on a mayo mask. Mayonnaise acts as a natural conditioner and helps soften the hair.

Use a good shampoo and a healthy mask to restore the vital nutrients needed to make them strong and shiny.

Always use a good heat spray before blowing them out or curling/straightening them. The spray will create a barrier between the heat and your hair and save your locks from getting fried.

Avoid hair sprays as much as you can. While we all want out hair to stay in place and have a perfect puff, it isn’t worth the damage. So say no to hair sprays and teasing and let your hair shine through the hen weekend to the big day.


Eat right

Hen weekends are supposed to be fun and you get to eat all the junk and drink your poison of choice. But what you eat is what shows up on your skin.

I am not saying that you have to restrict to green smoothies and salads, but, adding some healthy snacks to your junk food diet will help balance out the harm the junk may cause. And not all healthy snacks taste bad. Add some dark chocolate to the mix. Surprisingly enough, it helps reduce stress and improves skin texture.

If you have caught up with the avocado on toast fad, good news for you. Avocados have antioxidants that help keeping your skin soft, hydrated and supple. So start your mornings with an avocado toast and a glass of OJ and you are good to go for the day.

Beauty Sleep

After a day of riding the waves or dancing and drinking the night away at pubs, it is important to get a good beauty sleep so you don’t have a hangover the next morning.

While it is understandable you would want to stay up late drinking and chatting away with the girls, having a sound sleep is a must if you don’t want dark circles and dull skin. Not getting adequate sleep will not only wreak havoc to your skin but will also make you tired and cranky through the next day, ultimately ruining your hen weekend,

So sleep on time so you can enjoy your wild hen weekend with the girlfriends and not miss out on any activities that the maid-of-honor has so painstakingly planned for.


Skin care and hair care is as important as having fun during your hen weekend. Considering the hen do is mostly a few weeks before the wedding, you want to make sure you take this time to pamper yourself. You don’t have to compromise on fun and adventure to take care of yourself. Just follow these super easy tips and you will look bright as a day on the wedding day.


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