2018 Autumn/Winter Shoe Trends

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Over the past few weeks, the catwalks have been full of A/W collections. From the looks of things, we are in for a bit of a step change fashion-wise, especially when it comes to footwear. This year, we are likely to be wearing some radically different shoes and boots from the ones we wore last A/W.

The metallic footwear trend continues

However, some of the changes are subtle rather than radical. Take for example the metallic shoe trend.

Last year, it was silver shoes that were in vogue. For 2018, it is gold, which is set to dominate.  Most of the major online retailers already have a wide range in stock. Take for example JD Williams, they are offering their clients a range of 170 different pairs of gold boots and shoes.

These metallic shoes look particularly good when worn with a nice party dress. But, they also work for other types of outfits. Provided they are not too bright and shiny gold shoes look good with jeans or maybe a pair of black trousers. So, gold shoes are actually a versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Animal print footwear

Snakeskin, leopard print, and zebra stripes have been popping up in clothing ranges for several months. Now, it appears that it is the turn of footwear designers. This style of shoes and boots looks particularly good when paired with single block clothing.

Slouch boots

After decades in the shadows, the slouch boot is well and truly back. They were last widely worn in the 80s, but since last year have appeared sporadically on several catwalks. In the 80s, it was the mid-calf version that was the most popular. This time around, they are going to be available in all lengths, from ankle to above the knee boots.

Block heels

It appears that the kitten heel of the summer months has given way to a much bulkier style. Block-heels feature in most shoe designer’s collections, at least on the High Street. Fortunately, they look far more elegant than they sound. Plus, of course, they are very comfortable, which should heighten their appeal.

Dad sneakers

Speaking of comfort, how about a pair of sneakers? In 2017, Louis Vuitton started the ball rolling. Since then the trend has gradually gained momentum. As a result, you can expect to see sneakers being worn this winter with casual skirts and dresses.

Whimsical footwear

If you like to wear something that looks a little different keep an eye out for some of the more whimsical designs. Large buckles, big bows, neon colours and zany laces all look set to cross over from the catwalk to mainstream fashion. On this page, you can see more examples of the quirky designs you can expect to be made available in some of the more niche stores

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