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Hiiiii guys so my episode of First Dates was shown on Tuesday and all I can say is OMG!!! The amount of stories and press going around talking about my criteria list is CRAZY!!!! Hasn’t everybody got one of these??? Right.. ok so yes I get it mine is a bit longer than most people but I have had quite a bit of time to put it together!!! It has been 4 years!!! I cant believe I actually made international press in Spain, France and Italy!! How mad is that!! Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining as my social media is smokin at the min with date requests. A Liverpool radio station are actually running a competition to see if anyone fits my criteria and setting up a date for me so make sure you check out Capital FM early next week!

So now its aired I can actually talk about my whole experience… if any of you are reading this and are debating on applying for the show then here Is a little heads up on whats in store.

Firstly you apply online and then if they are interested in you they will arrange a little interview over phone. If this is successful then they will book in for a Skype video call which takes about 30 minutes they ask quite a few questions, what your looking for in a partner, how long you’ve been single for, just general information to help find you the man of your dreams. If the casting guys taking these interviews think you will be good for the show and that they think that they can find you a match they will then invite you along to meet the producers… (I seemed to bypass this part though as my Skype was enough to go straight to filming!!!).

You are then invited down to London to do the first part of your filming where they basically ask you all the questions they asked in your Skype call and they film you talking all about yourself, your life and what you are searching for. This part I was absolutely shitting myself for as I didn’t quite know what to expect but I can assure anyone looking at doing this there is nothing to worry about at all! The guys who you work with are all so so nice and support you with what you do and don’t want to talk about. Depending on your occupation you may be asked to do a little shoot where they take a couple of pics in say your work uniform, or what ever you like to do as a hobby. In my case I just took a couple of outfits I would wear for a shoot for work. Not all these pictures are aired but it just gives them a little bit of something to work with when showing what your like as a person and to show you character off. Again if its something you don’t feel too comfortable with then they wont push you.

The next bit will just depend on availablity…. So in my case I done my interview and went back the following week for the date ( all filming is done in London ) but depending on time scales and when both you and your date are available they may ask you to stay down from filming and do the date the next day… either way they cover your travel and expenses.

So the day of you date!!!! I would have been really nervous but after meeting all the First Dates team in the interview process I felt at ease. I got my hair and makeup done in Liverpool in the morning then set off to London by train. They booked me into a Hotel in the city centre and I had a little drink whilst getting ready. They then tell you to go to a meeting point restaurant / hotel / bar local to where you will go on your date where they mic you up and run over a few things with you and give you a little drink to help calm your nerves. You have about half an hour or so to relax and have a little chill before your date.

The team all decide who is to walk in first, in my case it was me which I didn’t know about until I walked in to the bar and had a little chat with Merlin where I spoke about my 22 point criteria list which seems to have taken the nation by storm!!! As I walked in I expected to see huge cameras everywhere with a film crew behind them but you can not see a single thing. The cameras are all hidden! I was quite shocked when I saw how close they could zoom into my face while I was sat at the bar cause I couldn’t see a camera anywhere!!

As its a reality tv show I wasn’t sure how much of it was real and if any of it was to be scripted.. but I’ve got to say EVERYTHING about the date is real and none of the production company get involved at all which makes everything really easy. Its just a normal blind date!! The waiters and waitresses are all so nice and really good with making conversation to break the ice when you sit down. You can pick anything you want from the menu… I was more for the cocktail menu though!!

Once the date is over and who ever pays the bill.. in my case I was lucky as Adam sorted ours. You are then taken to another room where you both go in individually and talk about your date then you are paired up again and decide if you are going to see each other again.. and that is basically it!

If anybody reading this is in two minds on applying to the show then I would throughly recommend everyone to give it a go. I had an absolute ball and met some lovely people. Even though nothing has gone further with me and Adam I have still kept in touch with him and we both shared an experience that we both wont forget and had a really good time.

If you are single and fancy a little evening on a date in London then apply on the website below.


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