Seascope Maritime Training Makes A Splash In Liverpool

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Seascope Maritime Training, the foremost maritime training academy in the North West of England, has recently celebrated a milestone ten year anniversary.  The renowned facility offers a variety of intensive maritime training courses accredited by the Maritime Coastguard Agency, the leading authority in the world of maritime safety.


Seascope Maritime is located at Queen’s Dock in the heart of Liverpool, close to the vibrant city centre. The courses on offer range from the STCW basic training course, to a selection of further in depth training programmes necessary for life at sea.

The varied choice of courses on the syllabus at Seascope Maritime focus on subjects such as first aid, survival techniques, crowd management and fire prevention.

After training at Seascope Maritime, a huge catchment area of maritime careers is open to the newly qualified students who go on to gain employment with some of the most recognisable names in the maritime industry.

Many of the tutors at Seascope Maritime have served in the Navy, and they bring to bear decades of extensive experience within their particular fields, sharing skills and knowledge which enable them to ready their students for the realities and safety requirements of a life at sea.

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Seascope Maritime is one of the foremost maritime training academies in Europe, the first port of call for maritime training needs. The courses offer students the vital knowledge they need to enter in to a career at sea, whilst enjoying life in one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

The training delivered at the state of the art Seascope Maritime centre caters to a large variety of career sectors, including those wishing to work aboard cruise ships, luxury yachts, passenger ferries and cargo ships. Accommodation is available to students for the duration of their course, through a variety of Seascope Maritime brand partners.

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Seascope Maritime began life primarily as a recruitment company, and after a clear need was identified for an accredited maritime training provider, they set up an academy to deliver an unsurpassable level of training.

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“I am looking forward to driving Seascope Maritime in to this exciting period of expansion including the introduction of new courses and the future opening of new training academies. We equip our students with the skills needed for a life at sea, delivered via focused and structured educational training which successfully combines practical and academic elements. We are proud to be at the pinnacle of the maritime training industry” said Principle of Seascope Maritime Training Alfie Hincks, who spent 30 years in the Merchant Navy and is qualified in Marine Operations Management.

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Seascope Maritime Training gives students access to unparalleled cutting-edge facilities such as a full fire ground, where fire training is delivered and pool facilities where water based training is carried out.

As well as in depth practical training delivered at Seascope Maritime, each course also has a strong academic element with focused study groups delivered in a relaxing environment where students can concentrate fully.

Each course delivered at the facility is taught in close knit study groups no larger than 12 students at a time, delivering an optimal and focused student experience. The students also have access to an ‘officer’s mess room’ where snacks, light refreshments and tea and coffee are served.

The training courses at Seascope Maritime also have a strong social side, and students may arrive as strangers but they quickly bond and often form lifelong friendships during the training courses. Seascope Maritime is the first choice of a huge amount of students wishing to qualify for a career at sea, due to excellent facilities, tutors and a central Liverpool location.

Seascope Maritime Training

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