King David’s Got Talent 2016

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Last week myself and Mark Byron ( Big Brother ) joined forces with Iain Bradshaw ( Muscian ) and Makuini ( actress, singer and dancer) to judge King David’s Got Talent 2016. The evening was jam packed with entertainment from children from King David’s High School (all aged from 12 to 16 years old) with Paul St German being the compare for the eventing. .

The contestants from the evening were:-

Joshua Enakpoma ( singer and Guitarist from year 10)

Mia Dockerty (flautist from year 8)

Kimberley Rumble ( singer from year 9)

Noah Christian ( singer year 7)

Emmett Cain: Noisy Neighbour ( drummer year 7)

Dominic Thornton ( Singer and Guitarist from year 10)

Laura Levy (tenor horn from year 8)

Toby Fletcher (singer from year 8)

Gianna Costello (singer and pianist from year 8)

Major State ( band year 10)

All the acts were absolutely amazing. To get up and perform in a room full of people can be so daunting but they all put on an amazing show and not one of them looked like they were slightly nervous which proves how amazing the school are at pushing confidence and bringing out the best in all their children.

Unfortunately we could only pick our top 3.


3rd place went to Joshua Enakpoma who played and sang a piece of music he had written himself. I listened in depth to every word he sang and actually got goose bumps. The talent this boy has is just truly amazing. To write your own music at the age of 15.. the words that he wrote.. all I can say is WOW!!


2nd place went to Noah Christian who took to the stage and performed Olly Murs “ You Dont Know Love “. He was amazing. To be 12 years of age and to stand and sing to a room full of people and have all the audience singing is something to be really proud of. I was dancing in my seat.


The guys that stole the show for us was Major State. OMGGGG I have judged some talent competitions over the years and these were just unbelievable!!! It was like something off The X Factor!! These guys need to stay together and they will defiantly go on to amazing things. I can not wait to see these guys famous and on TV and say I crowned these guys the winners in their school talent competition! Absolutely amazing!!!


The show was finished off with a fabulous Halloween performance from one of my very good friends – Miguel Deforo’s dance group.. MD Productions. My daughter Jasmine dances for this group and I know from the effort, time and dedication all the children ( and parents ) put in how much work goes into these performance but it was absolutly fantastic! It was the icing on the cake to a really good show and event and I hope to be invited back next year to do it all again!!

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