Farmaggedon 2016!!!!!

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So guys earlier this week I attended the press night at Farmageddon in Liverpool. Wow is all I can say!! The planning and effort that must go in to making this event one to remember is unbelievable. It was their 10 year anniversary and by word on the farm its the scariest its ever been!!  I am such a scaredy cat so was wondering if I was gonna be ok.. But it was so much fun. On site are three scare houses. Contagion, Meat locker and Terror On The Farm, with this years new attraction being The Foundry. ” The Foundry” is a factory that produces metal castings. Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal in a mould, and removing the mould material or casting after the metal has solidified.

 My fav part has got to be the Zombie Outlaw. You basically ride around the farm on an open top bus and wait for the zombies to jump out then fire at them. Once you hit them in the head they die!!!

The first scare house was my scariest as I just wasnt quite sure what to expect… so being a bit blonde I was dawdling at the back.. that was until we entered then I basically rugby tackled my way into the middle of the group for protection!! You just dont know what to expect around every corner!

 If you fancy getting scared out your pants then book your tickets asap. The event is running right through October with prices being different on each day. There are also fast passes available for anyone wanting to beat the queues which I would highly recommend. There also a few little places to grab a bite to eat whilst you are there so you can make a night of it. Its the perfect place to build up the momentum for your Halloween.

Flatman’s Lane,
UK Ormskirk L39 7HW,
United Kingdom


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