Every House Hold Needs A ‘ Heat Pack ‘

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The ThermoSPA HeatPad is one of them things that you simply cant live without. So much so the second my little girl Jaz has any aches, pains, sores or is cold shouts through to me “ Muuuuuum can I have the hot bag please!!! “ This just shows every family / house hold needs one!

It is perfect to relieve stress, tension and muscle ache and has been designed to combine the heat conductive properties of wheat with the relaxing scent of lavender to produce, simply place in the microwave for 2 mins for a hot moist compress.

All items are developed to ensure effective relief of aching muscles, aiding in relieving sports injuries. The bags are all flexible and mould over your body providing instant warmth, ideal for cuddling up at night in bed or on the couch.

The Benefits of heat for muscles and pain relief

Heat has been used for thousands of years, dating back to the Roman hot baths.  Medical research suggests that heat is an effective and safe way to assist in the relief of chronic pain.

Increased Blood Flow

Heat application dilates the localized blood vessels increasing blood circulation delivering oxygen and necessary nutrients to the injured area, while removing cell waste, all speeding up the healing process

Relaxation of muscles

Spasm related pain can be relived by the reduction of stiffness, relaxation of the muscles and tendons and enhanced movement

Brains receptors

Heat has been know to deactivate the brain’s pain receptors, therefore reducing pain

Pain prevention

Applying heat before and after physical exercise can assist in relaxing the muscles preventing pain and stifness post workout.

How do heatpacks help with pain relief??

The Heatpack Company’s Heat Wraps combine the heat conductive properties of wheat to produce when warmed in the microwave a moist non-invasive hot compress.

The Heat Wraps can be applied to most parts of the body therefore applying heat to the desired areas.  With the natural flow of the wheat, the Heat Wraps mould to your body parts.

The Heat Pack Company has three unique brands that help to relax, ease pain and aid physiotherapy. The ThermoDr range has been designed by Physio’s for pain relief, The ThermoTherapy range is designed with relaxation and pain relief at its core and the ThermoSPA is for that moment you need to relax your sore, tired muscles.

For more info or to purchase one of these must have items check out http://www.theheatpackcompany.com

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