Celine Sunglasses Range Is Now Available At Seeworld In Liverpool

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My designer eye wear obsession this year has got to be the Celine range of sunglasses. I have been lusting after a pair of them since spotting them on the gorgeous Kimmy K on Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s!!

With so many different styles of the Celinee glasses that are available from Audrey to Shadow, Luca,Catherine, Eva and Agnes and also the very famous ZZ-Top collection, you will be able to find a style you love that will suit you and your face shape.

My top 3 are as follows:-


The Celine Shadow is a huge statement piece! If your into dressing smart or really chic these can look amazingly high fashion’d and pimp any outfit up! These come in 6 different colour designs so you will be spoilt for choice. 


The Celine Catherine is a new model. I would say these are slightly smaller out of the 3 i have picked but are better for people who have a slighter smaller face shape. They have more of a classic feel to them. They are still oversized, rectangular but also have an edgy cat eye. These come in 3 different colours. 


The ZZ-Top are my absolute favs!! If you are used to wearing big chunky sunglasses, these are the ones for you!! Distinctive three pin hinge detailing is complimented by chrome detailing giving you a luxurious powerful look. 


All the Celine range are classic timeless eyewear pieces that will remain in your eyewear collection for a long time.

To check stock/prices/ availability call 0151-330-2039 and ask for Tom who will assist anyone with any enquiries!


6 Longmoor Lane, Aintree, Liverpool L9 0EF

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