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Flashbulbs popped as Beyonce took to the red carpet at the Met Gala in New York recently, wearing a sheer Givenchy dress. The question on everyone’s lips was how had she managed to look so fabulous? The secret was in the 22-day vegan diet she had been following, during which she lost around 15lbs in weight. Founded by Paul Hampson and Dario Curcillo and launching in early June, Give Kitchen which is a part of the Give 2040 Foundation, will offer clients the delicious vegan meals favoured by stars like Beyonce, delivered direct to their door.

Clients will be able to savour premium vegan meals at their convenience, delivered to their choice of address. Based in Liverpool, Give Kitchen is starting off with a bang with a competitive £45.50 price point for seven daily nutritious meals and healthy desserts.

Give Kitchen clients can follow the 22-day vegan challenge popularised by Beyonce for just £199, which will deliver them two meals and one dessert per day for 22 days.

Give Kitchen clients will be in good company, as A-List celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Jared Leto, Jessica Simpson and Joaquin Phoenix are already devotees of a vegan lifestyle.

Give Kitchen is completely changing the face of veganism by delivering delicious gourmet meals which are prepared from scratch at their state of the art kitchens using premium fresh natural, and where possible locally sourced organic ingredients.

It is little wonder that so many celebrities have converted to a vegan lifestyle, when the effects on physical appearance are so astounding. Vegan diets are often credited with putting an end to yo-yo dieting, as devotees feel fuller for longer and stop craving foods which are detrimental to health.

Give Kitchen clients will discover the myriad benefits of a vegan diet, whilst enjoying the healthy and delicious meals available. Making veganism cool and sexy, Give Kitchen clients will receive tantalising dishes which will simultaneously benefit their health and their physical appearance.

Paul Hampson and Dario Curcillo have both long been devotees of a vegan diet, finding that they were astounded by the health benefits they felt after switching to a plant-based diet. They have brought to bear their passion for veganism and their wealth of experience, to create a company which will enable them to share the benefits of a vegan diet with clients whilst giving back to people in need via a one to one giving principle.

Give Kitchen and Give 2040 Foundation has a responsible and ethical ideology as its foundation. They have a philanthropic aim at heart, and Give Kitchen has the eventual aim of donating food to a person who is starving or in need every time a Give Box is purchased. This popular one to one giving concept is a great way for the company to give back to people who are less fortunate.

Exciting plans are in place for working in partnership with high-profile charities which mirror the ethical and socially responsible principles at the heart of Give Kitchen, who will facilitate the distribution of food to the needy each time a Give Box is purchased.

Veganism is the hottest current Hollywood trend, with a host of celebrities adopting a plant-based diet which is fresh, clean, and wholesome. The benefits of this all natural diet are numerous and the effects speak for themselves, as demonstrated by the perfect figures and glowing beauty of its celebrity advocates.

The superficial benefits of veganism are also compounded by the many and varied benefits to physical health. Following a vegan diet has often been linked to a reduction in health conditions such as asthma, fatigue, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and headaches. As well as the serious health conditions which can be ameliorated by the adoption of a vegan diet, weight loss is also linked to veganism. Often, those adopting a vegan diet notice a drastic weight loss within the first few weeks, as well as a reduction in the health problems linked to obesity such as high cholesterol and blocked arteries.
The ethos behind the company is simple; delivering healthy and delicious vegan meals which introduce clients to the range of phenomenal health benefits associated with a plant-based diet. The astounding health benefits include weight loss, clearer complexion, higher energy levels and reduction of a broad spectrum of health problems.

The clean eating principles of the vegan diet mean that the body is not exposed to the harmful additives and toxins often found in non-vegan foods. Give Kitchen meals are free from genetically modified ingredients, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Give Kitchen will break the misconception that vegan food has to be boring by offering a wide range of exciting, satisfying and delicious options.

Sweets and desserts will be on the menu too, with imaginative goodies like vegan carrot cake, chocolate brownies pistachio, lemon muffins and vegan truffles available. The emphasis will be on providing clients with meals that whilst healthy, are also flavoursome and satisfying sweets and desserts that are actually part of your “5aday” and good for your health are expected to be very popular.

Give Kitchen is a lifestyle concept, rather than just a meal delivery service. Clients will feel their overall health and wellbeing improve in so many ways by following the nourishing vegan meal plans, safe in the knowledge that they are also benefiting the environment and giving back to those in need.


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