Beauty Works Volume Deluxe Weft Hair Extensions

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You’ve seen them on the runways, on television and at special events. Hair extensions are the ultimate, super quick way to get long hair. You can add instant volume and length without under going the slow process of waiting for your own hair to grow. They can be a lot of fun and a great way to achieve that look for an important occasion. I love the way you can easily change your look so dramatically and go from shot hair to long hair or thin hair to thick hair in a matter or a couple of hours.


For years many of my friends have had hair extensions but I was luckily enough to never need them as I had naturally long thick shiny locks but over the past couple of years I have lost quite a lot of my hair so I started to look in to what types of hair were on the market and find out the different qualities and prices and its official I’m now in the extension gang and don’t think ill ever look back! At first I thought to my self it was going to be a huge cost but it’s actually a lot cheaper than what I thought! Although I think I may find it slightly cheaper as I like to buy my own hair and get it fitted in a salon rather than them choosing and purchasing the hair on my behalf. Salons seem to charge a lot more as they have had to put their staff through extensive training.


When you transform shorter hair to long hair your going to have more up keep. Long hair requires gentle combing deep conditioning and special care to prevent tangles. Some problems can be avoided using good quality hair. Some of the cheaper hair used is coated with silicone which will eventually wash off and leave your hair dry and difficult to manage.


My favorite brand at the moment is Beauty Works. Beauty Works offer a wide range of celebrity style hair extension’s in the form of professional wefts and bonds, clip in buns, pony’s and other various styles of instant hair pieces and creations. At the moment I am currently using the Pure Volume Deluxe, which is a thicker range of weft hair extensions, designed for quality and quantity. Pure volume deluxe is a favorite with celebrity hair stylists and used back stage on runways to create gorgeous thick hair.Beauty Works Pure Volume Deluxe Remy hair is hand selected ensuring all the cuticles are intact and lightly processed. This ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime. The Pure Volume Deluxe hair product comprises of high quality triple grade AAA hair.Beauty Works Pure Volume Deluxe is a high quality machine wefted hair piece, each pack contains 140g of pure remy hair, delivering thick, luscious locks. At 140g the Pure Volume Deluxe Remy is the equivalent of a pack and a half of the standard hair extensions pack. Each individual strand of hair is delicately bound together, preventing the hair from shedding.Due to my own natural hair being quite long I tend to go for the 22” Volume Deluxe – Weft hair extensions in blonde minx 613/60/10 which are a perfect match for my hair as I have a few tones of dark and blonde running through.


For more information or to see what other products Beauty Works offer and what shades check out their website http://beautyworksonline.com



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