Valentines Day!!!

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There are mixed views over V day. I would say Its the most controversial holiday of the year. It brings happiness and love to some people whilst at the same time brings sadness and loneliness to others… no matter how you feel about it I think everybody should make some type of plans.
For those who are happy with partners then the biggest problem now is how to come up with the most romantic plan and get the best possible present. You can be romantic on the cheap.. does not mean to be a cheap skate just frugal and sensible. There are so many things you can do that don’t cost a fortune. Sometimes its the smaller thoughtful things that mean the most. I find it funny how some people rush around to prove their true love just on Valentines Day… What happens when the roses have died and the chocolates have been gobbled up?? Me personally, I think you should have a V day once a month that is totally dedicated to one and other esp with how busy day to day life is your weeks run away so why wait 12 months! Why limit yourself???
Commercialism has gone so far that people are made to feel inadequate if they are aren’t in a relationship. Society puts a lot of pressure on people now I feel.. but my advice is enjoy the single life! Believe it or not it is possible to be just as happy. I have been single the past 4 years  ( although I’m a bit different this year!) but to be honest i’ve had an absolute ball. It falls on a Tuesday this year which is even better, its when it falls on the weekend you feel a bit lost. So my advice is grab friends make arrangements to go to the cinema, get aa take away or cook a nice meal. Tell them to bring the wine round and have a good catch up talking about all your dating disasters. Most importantly make sure what ever you would spend on your partner spend on yourself!!!

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