Perfect Summers Day Outfit – When Missguided Is Joined By Ego!

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If your looking for a dressy / casual look then this is a little combo I put together for a lunch date at The Old Stables last week.  I wore this Blue Yoke Ruffle Detail Pinstripe Shirt Dress from Missguided, which is priced at £28.00 and teamed  it again with the  Sherlina Nym Demin Over The Knee Peep Toe Boots from Ego Official ( £44.99 (they’re about £15.00 cheaper than these style boots from other retailers). I can tell I am going to be living in these babies throughout the Spring / Summer season as they just pimp any outfit up and also have a funky but fresh feel to them. They come in a few different shades.. You can check out their website to see the full range or I will be showing you a few outfits that I have put together over the new couple of weeks. Im really into all the shirt dresses that are out at the moment Missguided have got lot of styles to choose from and are so easy to wear and cost hardly anything!

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