Most Wanted Towie Girls Stud Strap Shilo Wedges At Fashionista Wraysbury

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So if you girls have been watching TOWIE you will have spotted these gorgggggeous wedges on all their girls.

The Shilo are ‘Thee MOST Wanted’ wedge at the moment that all the celebrities are wearing!

The gold studded detail makes them look really expensive so much so that people are constantly stopping me asking where mine are from. They are ideal for going out for lunch of a day, drinks of a night or for dancing in your bikini at any pool party.

Fashionista have got three different colour ways on their website.. Yellow ( which you will have already spotted on me a couple of weeks ago with the yellow two piece Missoni suit ) the black and also the denim.

Not only do these look fabulous on they are also really comfy. Priced at £25.00 they are an absolute bargain!!! Last year I spent an absolute fortune on a pair of Louboutins that I only wanted to wear on special occasions but the price you pay for these makes you quite happy to wear them all the time also the good thing about these is that you can just wipe them clean due to the patent leather effect. I have had my wear out of these already!

If you are a bit of a ‘ Lady In Red ‘ then these babies have just landed online today! Make sure you check them out asap cause they are priced about £15.00’s cheaper than anywhere else at the moment!


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    Most Wanted Towie Girls Stud Strap Shilo Wedges At Fashionista Wraysbury – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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