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If  you are on the hunt for something amazing? Maybe for a special event? A ball? Or the races? Then check out KU Spendlove. Situated in Kensington Liverpool, its the Aladdin’s cave for shopaholics! If you follow my social media you will see week in… Week out… Her outfits that I wear are just simply amazing!

I wore this gorgeous ‘Black Sequin Off The Shoulder Catsuit’ for a charity event in the Malmaison a couple of weeks ago. I got so many compliments throughout the day. It was definitely a head turner. With her bespoke designs she will make you something that not only looks amazing but fits you like a glove.

I think I may actually have a jumpsuit obsession!! Every time I go in to see Mary ( Spendlove ), each fabric that she shows me, I instantly say ” Can I have that in a jumpsuit??? “. They are just really flattering on your figure and you can tweek the design to suit your own style,figure and shape. I wore this pink sequin one at the weekend to judge LMI Manchester with all the lovely ladies from ‘ The Real House Wives Of Cheshire ‘ each one of them said I looked stunning!

So girls if you have anything planned and you need an outfit to suit any occasion then KU Spendlove is where you want to be going! With so many unique designs that are made to measure you will definitely be feeling and looking amazing.

Mary Spendlove – KU SPENDLOVE 

Dress Designer

139a Kensington


L7 2RE


Opening Hours – Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Social Media 





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