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Judge, Jury, Executioner! Decide The Verdict In The New Interactive Show From LoveHistory

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Trial By Jury is a brand new interactive courtroom theatre experience where audiences play a pivotal role and decide the fate of those on trial.

This exciting new production from Lovehistory, the creative minds behind The Catacombs of Liverpool’s Darkest History Tours and Murder at St George’s Hall Series comes to St George’s Hall on Fri 21 – Sun 23 April, as part of a special programme of events for World Heritage Month.

For all amateur sleuths and those who have ever imagined themselves in the midst of a gritty courtroom drama, this is the perfect opportunity to put those skills to the test – with all details taken from a real-life court case.

Audiences will initially be witness to a historical crime of murder. The full details of the crime will then be revealed through compelling performances, re-enactments and narrated by a very own Sherlock Holmes style detective who will piece together the full story and gather the evidence for the trial.

After the harrowing details of the crime are revealed the prosecution and defence will then make their case – it is then that audiences will become the jury, where the fate of the accused will be in their hands!

Will it be the Gallows? A lifetime of hard labour? Or will it be mercy? Only the audience will have the power to make that decision, with punishments and sentencing relative to the historical period of the crime.

Once the judge has passed sentence from the jury’s verdict, see how close the outcome was to the real-life sentence which will then also be revealed.

The crime and court-case planned for the event will be kept top secret until the evening of the first performance.

Judy McLean Creative Director of Lovehistory said: “This will be a really exciting event, one which puts the audience in the forefront of the performance. No two performances will ever be the same as the outcome will always be different! All of the facts presented will be based on a real case, re-enacted by our wonderfully talented group of actors – it will then be down to the audience to decide their fate!”


Trial By Jury

St George’s Hall, Heritage Centre Entrance, St John’s Lane, Liverpool. 

Friday 21 – Sunday 23 April

Times: 7:00pm (Show is approximately two hours in duration)

Tickets: £16.50 (inc £1.50 per ticket admin fee) plus £2.25 fulfilment fee per booking

Capacity: 120 people per performance.


Purchase in person at TicketQuarter, Echo Arena Liverpool, Kings Dock, Liverpool, online at www.ticketquarter.co.uk or on 0844 800 0410.


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