My Holiday Must Haves From Fashionista

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Last month I put a gorgeous yellow ‘Missoni’ style  two piece in my column and blog from one of my fav boutiques at the min… All I can say is id be lost without this place this Summer. Every time I wear one of their pieces I get soooooo many people asking me where It is from.

One piece I am living in is this Pink ‘ Trish ‘  Jumpsuit for £75.00. I wore this to go for a meal a couple of weeks ago and again for a shopping trip in Liverpool city centre and everybody was stopping me asking where it was from. It’s one of them easy to wear pieces that you can literally just throw on for almost anything!

Its definitely going to be one for my suitcase! You can wear it in the daytime with flats/ sliders or of an evening with wedges and it hardly weighs a thing.

Another extra light outfit which is from the same collection this ‘ Sophia ‘ dress priced at £60.00. This is a classic piece that will look lovely on everybody no matter what your age. This comes with a slinky underwear slip if you want to wear as a dress or could be worn as a tunic over jeans.

Now if you are looking for denim wedges I paired mine with these ‘ Shilo ‘ they £25.00 ( £15.00 cheaper than the same shoes in other places ) and they  also come in yellow, black and a slightly lower version in the red.

I wore this this two piece ‘ Leila ‘ set ( currently in the sale for £28.00 use code FLASHSALE )  for the re launch of Formby Hall and everybody was stopping me asking where it was from. Perfect to throw over a bikini with flats for daytime or out for dinner in the evening with wedges!


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  1. My Holiday Must Haves From Fashionista – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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