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So on Friday I had the pleasure of being invited back to Yaffe Photography studio where we went to view the images we had taken last week. Myself, Jasmine and my mum went along and was greeted by the lovely Sandra ( Adam Yaffe business partner). She then showed us to their ‘ cinema room ‘ which was a bit like being in the premier seats at ‘ The Odeon ‘ cinema which I thought was a really cool touch. We were offered popcorn, sweets, drinks, and my mum brought a bottle of wine so she could sit back and really enjoy the experience!! We started off with over 60 images so as you can imagine we were spoilt for choice. Slowly but shortly we narrowed it down by a process of elimination. We spoke about where I wanted the image to go and how I would like it to be designed. We went through all the different products that they have to offer and I picked out the shape and size that I thought would work best for my living room. Sandra asked if I like a bit of bling and fancied some Swarovski crystals which being the magpie I am said “ooh yeah!!! Id love a bit of that!!!” but I would leave the rest to their expertise. When looking at the images there was one of myself and Jaz which really stood out but also some gorgeous ones of the dog ‘Daisy May’ that I just instantly fell in love with. So much so I just couldn’t decide so I had to order them both. I Cant wait to see the final result in 2 weeks. Watch this space and all will be revealed!!!


Right so for the rest of this month ( April ) the 50/50 giveaway offer is on.. This means any photo-shoots taking place in April, you will be charged £50 ( usually £75 ) for the shoot then you’ll get 50% off any portrait you order. For bookings or enquiries call 01704 545010 and a member of the Yaffe team will be able to assist you.

Yaffé Photography

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01704 545010



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