Welcome 2017!!! Im Talking New Years Resolutions & Life Plans!!!

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Hi Guys and welcome to my first post of Jade Ainsworth Gossip for 2017!!! I hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas and the best New Year.

New year can only mean one thing to me and thats New Years Resolutions. I find them quite fun but extremely difficult to maintain. I usually last till February till I loose all enthusiasm but this year I am going to try and give it my best shot. If your stuck for ideas then ive put together a things to inspire you:-

Loose Weight –

This is the most common, but most difficult to commit to, but you can succeed if you dont expect over night progress. Most people including myself expect results yesterday. I have always found If you plan your meals for the week ahead and do your shopping online not only do you save a bit of money you also end up more organized and it helps you stick to it. Using a food diary also helps or if you have an Iphone/ android I would down load the My Fitness Pal ap as it really does keep youn on track.

I would also suggest instead of joining the local gym and putting yourself under financial pressure of membership payments, new clothing and the latest trainers invest in a good home work out dvd that way you can keep the costs down as well as training when is most convenient to you, first thing in the morning, when the kids are in bed, of an evening, after work and your not worrying about trying to beat the mad rush of peak hour and fighting for the best machine.

Save Money –

Besides saving money like I have already pointed out with exercise and food shopping, go through your direct debits and see where you can get your payments down. Gas/Electricity, home phone and broadband, tv. This is something I do every year I go on money comparison sites like www.moneysupermarket.com or www.gocompare.com I always manage to save ££££’s a year. What I generally do is set up a savings account and the money I am saving on the direct debits, things I’ve managed to cut back on and also the £100 a month I save on food shopping by shopping online and transfer this money into the account, that way you will feel the benefit and appreciate your savings then you can use this towards something more productive.. shoes, bags, holidays. I done this last year and ended up saving £260 a month.

I live with the 3 month rule, if I haven’t used it, looked at it or my daughter hasn’t played with it in 3 months… It goes on Ebay, it keeps the clutter down in your home and stops any hoarding and you can replace it with something new. Doesn’t matter how big or small, one mans trash is another mans treasure and I truly believe in this.

Get More Sleep – 

If you know me.. you will know I Love My Bed!!! Its honestly my favorite place and if you don’t love yours and not up to paying hundreds of pounds on a new mattress then buy a mattress topper www.very.co.uk have some amazing ones. My mum bought one for my daughter and its like heaven. That with the Kylie Minogue bedding and you will end up loving it like I do!!

Anyway…a good nights sleep can do wonders for your mood, appearance but most of all its beneficial to your health. Im probably a bit OTT with this as I keep tabs of my sleep by keeping a sleep bank and try to get 9/10 hours a day! Yes thats correct.. and If I don’t get it of a night time I top it up in the day with a power nap as and when I can. It really does make you feel happier and better in yourself.

Cut Stress Levels –

A little pressure now and again wont kill us, in fact bouts of stress give us an energy boost.. but stress is chronic, it can increase your risk of or worsen insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease and so much more.

Long work house, little sleep and no exercise and poor diet can contribute to stress so plan your time, stick to time scales and also make sure you make some down time for yourself.

Now i’ve given you some ideas, another thing I started last year and I am so glad I did was a life plan. New years eve.. I am normally out partying but the festive period killed me off and I wanted nothing more than a night in, a film on, candles and a glass of bailey sat in my onesie. Whilst sitting relaxing, I decided I was going to do a life plan for 2016 and it was the best thing I did. Life is constantly changing but I felt in previous years I didn’t have much structure so I basically plodded on.. I grew but no where near as much as I have over the passed 12 months and that is purely down to my life plan. I started by writing down what I had achieved over the past 12 months and what I wanted to achieve over the next forth coming 12 months… work wise, family/home life, where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do and financially. I had a brain storm and put things in place for the next year with aims, targets and achievements and broke down my priorities over the 12 months and each week I chipped away at it and I have achieved things that I would never have imagined so it really does work, but you need to make sure everything you put down in achievable. Get yourself a diary and start writing your lists. This time next year you will all thank me!!

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