Very – Philips Lumea SC2007 IPL Hair Removal System Review

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If like me you are sick of the sight of excess body hair and would love nothing but silky, smooth, fuzz-free skin without having to get the lawnmower out on a daily basis then its time you invest into one of these Laser hair removals!!

Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular and over the years its something I had heard of but not actually thought about getting. I was always a bit skeptical as one of my friends said a few years ago that its basically like a hot elastic band flicking onto your skin and being a bit of a wimp It put me off!

A few weeks I was modeling for Very and one of the designers started to talk about doing it yourself at home. To me that sounded perfect as if It was to be painful you could stop and start yourself without the thoughts of being in the beauty-salon and sounding like you was in the labour ward at the woman’s hospital. So I took to the website and read numerous amounts of reviews. After long consideration I thought I would give it a go. It was a bit steep the price tag (£450) but when I weighed up the endless mornings, of attacking myself with the razor before work I thought its definitely a must for someone in my profession who has to be bikini ready every day!!


So I ordered the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System.

When It arrived I thought theres no way this can work it looks like an old fashioned hair dryer. So read the instructions back to back thinking is this actually safe??? And more to the point.. Will it hurt??? I began to use it for the first time, selected the correct settings for my skin type and then away I went. You gently press wait for the green light and fire! Thats basically it! Theres no pain what so ever. I used mine on my legs,bikini,under arm and muzzy. On the bikini area I would say I was more aware of it but by no means was it painful. After the first go I thought to myself this is a con, this can not be working, so I only did one side of my body at first so I could fully compare. A week later I had another go.. again thinking this isn’t gonna work.. till a few days later and I was in the bath and looked and there was bits of baldy patches in all the areas I had done. The patches are down to your hair cycle and re growth which is why you need to do it 1 or 2 times a week for 6 weeks continuously (but the instructions will explain a bit more of this in detail) if you carry out the procedure with this method you will definitely see a huge difference and like me be thrilled with the results. My friend saw the difference between both my legs when we were on holiday and asked would I start doing hers when we got home! It is a bit costly but if something works then I certainly don’t mind paying for it, plus I can now use it on all my family and friends!!

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