Valentines at Carpathia Restaurant & Champagne Bar – 30 James Street Hotel

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30 James Street is the height of romance this time of year, located close to Liverpool’s docklands and with a rooftop champagne bar, you’re guaranteed to have your other half swooning over every aspect of your stay.

The home of the Titanic is one of Liverpool’s most iconic hotels and is utterly stunning inside and out. Each room is carefully designed ensuring that each and every suite is perfectly unique offering a stunning room complete with Jacuzzi or hot tub baths, large double beds and stunning features.

For the perfect romantic stay make use of the Love Sweet Love package which includes; two personalised cupcakes, a chilled bottle of prosecco and rose petals scattered on your bed ready for your arrival. This package is the perfect way to treat someone special in your life.

30 James Street is also home to the beautiful Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant where there is a romantic three-course meal being served complete with canapes and a glass of bubbly upon arrival for £55 per person.

The three courses feature stunning dishes such as; oysters Rockefeller with parsley, garlic and lemon butter with a ciabatta crumb, grilled rock bass with a fennel, tomato and courgette ragout, pomme maxim and herb oil and for dessert dishes such as champagne & lemon cheesecake and melting chocolate pudding served with dipped strawberries and ice cream are on the menu.

If that isn’t enough, you’ll have one of the best views in the city. Head out to the terrace area where you’ll be able to enjoy incredible views of Liverpool’s famous waterfront and the Three Graces so you can kiss you partner in one of the most romantic spots in the city.

Friday Night Stay – £149 (+25.00 upgrade)

Saturday Night Stay – £169 (+25 upgrade)

Three Course Meal – £55 pp

Friday Overnight Stay, Breakfast and Meal – £249

Saturday / Sunday Overnight Stay, Breakfast and Meal – £299

Albion House,
30 James Street,
L2 7PQ

Reservations: 0151 236 0166
Weddings: 0151 236 9659
Carpathia Restaurant: 0151 236 9659
General Enquiries: 0151 236 0166




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