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The Lip Doctor brings to you ‘ The Perfect Peel’  a medical grade chemical peel that will rejuvenate your skin leaving it looking younger and healthier after just one application! 

We all know that as the winter starts to approach our skin doesn’t feel at its best. We have tried to get every bit of sun we can over the holidays leaving us with dehydrated skin and in my case pigmentation from sun damage. The Lip Doctor has the ‘ Perfect ‘ answer!!!

The Perfect Peel

 Offering an efficacious solution that defies the ageing process, “The Perfect Peel” beautifies your skin through an innovative formula that restores health, clears up blemishes and discolouration’s, and instills a more youthful appearance in as little as one week’s time. This 5-acid peel nourishes and repairs the skin from the inside, restoring its natural beauty in several ways.

Anti-ageing Formula

 “The Perfect Peel” is not the first chemical peel to be offered as an in-office treatment. However, it is the first one to include the active ingredient, glutathione, in its exclusive formula. An active ingredient, glutathione is an anti-ageing component that delivers rich antioxidants to the skin, helping to protect it against the cellular damage caused by environmental pollutants and sun exposure.

The Process

 Taking approximately fifteen minutes, this peel does not require any initial skin preparation prior to its use. The formula is so gentle that little to no pain is experienced, creating a pleasant experience for all skin types. Your skin will peel for about 3 days after application but this is all part of the process.


How It Works

 “The Perfect Peel” is designed to reach deeply into the skin in order to infuse its active ingredient, glutathione, at the cellular level where it can do the most good. Glutathione is produced naturally by the body, but the levels decrease over time. Combining glutathione with retinoic acid, kojic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, TCA, and an assorted mix of vitamins and minerals, “The Perfect Peel” delivers a skin-friendly formula that gently exfoliates the skin, minimises inflammation, softens wrinkles, and lightens discolouration to create a striking improvement in the skin’s appearance.


Beneficial Outcomes

 As a result of using “The Perfect Peel,” the overall appearance of your skin improves noticeably. It enhances the brightness of your skin by lightening the discoloration caused by age spots, sun damage, and severe acne breakouts. The visibility of hyper-pigmentation, melasma, and chloasma is markedly reduced in conspicuousness, creating a more even tone for your skin. You might even notice an improvement in existing acne conditions as your skin begins to heal more quickly from existing breakouts.

 “The Perfect Peel” enhances collagen production, resulting in healthier looking skin. It firms the skin as it minimises the size of pores and lessens noticeability of wrinkles and fine lines. Continued use of “The Perfect Peel” helps to slow down the ageing process for the skin due to its exclusive blending of powerful ingredients, and in particular, due to its inclusion of the antioxidant glutathione.

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