New Reality Show Set In Blackpool – Fylde Coast

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Filming has started on what looks set to be the new ‘ Big Thing ‘ – Fylde Coast. This new reality TV show set in Blackpool is ready to show the coast at its best! In recent years Blackpool has had some really bad press, but thanks to one of their own reality stars, originally from Liverpool ‘ Liam Halewood ‘ this is all about to change!


Liam originally moved to the famous seaside resort when he met his husband Lee online. He loved his new home so much but struggled to come to terms with the negativity that surrounded the town, he wanted to change the perception some people had. Fed up of the way Blackpool was always given bad media attention in programmes like ‘benefits Britain’ and ‘999 what’s your emergency’ Liam decided to take matters into his own hands and give people an insight into the more glamorous side of Blackpool! He went on to cast a fabulous bunch of people and that’s where ‘Flyde Coast’ was born!!


So we have got ( from left to right ) Zac Campbell aged 18 – the bartender, Samantha Bell aged 31 the dance teacher, Eleanor Pilling aged 22 – the beautician, Anthony Turner aged 26 – the business man, Junior Jay aged 26 – the dream boy, Liam Halewood aged 29 – the entertainer, Elizabeth Watson aged 20 – the sexy chef, Aishley Docherty aged 27 – the dance teacher / beautician, Willian Goldie Galloway aged 18 – the champion kickboxer, Jo Ashcroft aged 39 – the sexy sax player.

With a range of totally different characters and personalities, keep your eyes peeled for some very heavy drama! With 2 gays guys in the cast, who both have totally different outlooks on life, I have been told the claws are out! I have also been told to watch out for a bit of sexy romance coming from the dream boy – Junior Jay! When I had a little catch up with Liam Halewood he stated that “While filming we didn’t really tell the cast much about each other so we have had some cheeky scenes, sexy scenes and the odd party. It’s been great too because we have been filming in chain restaurants such as Las Iguanas and also some local businesses have been getting involved too

Liam has had various media experiences himself last appearing on the X factor were he gained management and his own career. He is ready to set the record straight that Blackpool and Fylde is just as successful as anywhere else! All cities and towns have their bad sides but it’s all about promoting the positives!

So far Fylde Coast has yet to be officially signed…although word on the street is there are 3 channels interested! Although this is top secret at the mo! They are hoping to have something officially screened by January next year.

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