Mr.Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips

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        Pic after using my express strips ( No filter )

Everyone wants a more beautiful smile and in certain careers it might just have everything to do with your success. I love good teeth and I always want mine to look their best. Especially at summer time when you’ve got a nice tan theres nothing better than a pearly white smile against the contrast of a summer tan. However brushing and flossing alone can only do so much so I want to introduce all my readers to this little gem – Mr Blanc Express Top Up Strips! These are perfect for busy bee’s like me who are always on the go. It is teeth whitening in a strip formulation. They give an instant whitening effect so are perfect for me when I have an event or special occasion coming up as they completely dissolve in minutes and remove any build up of coffee, tea, wine stains straight away.


MrBlanc’s Express Top Ups are so easy to us. The strip dissolves on your teeth in 10-15 minutes forming a gel then completely melts away in a further 5-10 minutes giving an instant whitened smile in less than 30 mins! Any stains just simply dis appear. So convenient, quick and simple. You can get a 30 day pack direct from for £19.99 or you can check out what other products they have available

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