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The Hot New Collaboration that launched last week
Capturing the drama and high-octane lifestyle of the lavish and famous, Peace + Love is for the fierce. The untouchable and the powerful. Created with exclusivity and luxury in mind. The collection captures the essence of what it means to be a self-made, strong and confident woman.

200 Dresses at £10

Doesn’t get much better than that.


Love The Swim You’re In

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. It’s time to get wet and wild in scorching swimsuits and barely-there bikinis from our smokin’ swimwear selection. Beach babes, step this way for swimwear you just can’t help but pack.You can rely on us to bring you killer styles that keep your holiday game strong. Our women’s swimwear just got super slick with one-pieces, bikinis and beach accessories that’ll have you racking up the likes in minutes so whether you’re headed for a day by the sea or lounging by the pool, scroll through our cool collection of swimwear online for the perfect holiday accompaniments…


Style from £8

Rock the Bodycon

You can always rely on Missguided to deliver the goods and with our bootylicious bunch of beautiful bodycon dresses, you’re sure to find a style to call your own. We love bodycon right now, it’s the only way to rock up to the hottest parties with perfect body confidence, in a figure caressing gown you can’t go wrong. Be a total knockout and show off those curves this season!


Festival Feels from £4

It’s that glorious time of year again; when the sun comes out, the holidays begin and best of all, the festivals! Whatever the festival, make sure you’re rocking your own musical catwalk of cool in the freshest styles around. From retro playsuits to trendsetting swing dresses; you’ll be working the ultimate in laid back campfire chic. Come rain or shine make sure you’re prepared!


Best Sellers – New In
lace insert wide leg trousers black



Best Sellers – Back In Stock
premium embroidered floral bomber jacket black



Best Sellers – Sale

laser cut knee high gladiator heeled sandals

was £45.00 now £16.00


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