Last Weekends Outfits by ‘ KU Spendlove ‘

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Last weekend was a busy one for me with work events so I had to look my best and what better way than being dressed by the famous Liverpool Designer:- ( Mary ) KU Spendlove. Mary has been dressing all of the fashionistas of Liverpool for many years now and her designs are just a dream!! I went into her showroom in Liverpool and was blown away and totally spoilt for choice. I just thought in the back of my mind I’m glad ive got an event on every week now till Christmas because I actually want EVERY design!!!

On Saturday I went to a Ladies Evening at Playground and wore this Cream Lace With Chiffon Frill Dress. It was a new design that had only just come out a couple of days before, so I was privileged to be the first person to wear this. Me and my friend Miguel arrived at the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool and from walking from there, to Playground three people came over to say how stunning I looked in this beautiful design. The attention to detail was spot on. I love anything that has a ruffle and is off the shoulder, I think it looks very flattering and girly.


On the Sunday I was judging LMI Liverpool in Liverpool’s Echo Arena. Although I had THEE hangover from HELL with only getting in at 6am from the night before I felt worse for wear but my outfit saved the day! I walked into (once again)  so many compliments. One of the LMI team said how stunning I looked the night before on my social media pics and she didn’t believe I had been out till the early hours! Asking me to take a twirl so she could see the dress I was wearing she said it was also a dream and that it would be perfect for a wedding she had coming up as it was so unique.

I loved both outfits. The first one was just gorgeous and an eye catcher but the second, was perfect for the type of event I was going to it was slightly more understated but also had a great impact when I took to the catwalk. I had so many lovely messages the next day from mums asking could they be cheeky and ask where my dress was from, so thank you Mary for making me look and feel fabulous! Looking forward to next weekend’s creation!!

So girls if you have anything planned and you need an outfit to suit any occasion then KU Spendlove is where you want to be going! With so many unique designs that are made to measure you will defiantly be feeling and looking amazing. In my opinion its the Aladdins cave of dress shops.

Mary Spendlove – KU SPENDLOVE 

Dress Designer

139a Kensington


L7 2RE


Opening Hours – Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm

Social Media 






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