Hot Fashion Trends Inspired By Our Favourite Places

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Fashion really is a globally inspired industry. We see this from various fashion trends through the ages, from African prints to Russian inspired hats. If you are looking to revamp your style, have a look at these hot fashion trends that are inspired by our favourite places globally.

Vegas chic

You cannot go wrong with a Vegas inspired evening look. Think tight fitting, classic cocktail dresses in single colours like black, red, emerald or blue. Accessorise with classy options like pearls. But in order to maintain a youthful look, opt for naturally styled wavy hair that is not too forced. A Vegas chic look is not exclusively appropriate for a trip to the casino. This look also pairs well with evening events and functions where you want to dress to impress. And if your Vegas inspired look leaves you hungry for some poker or slots at the end of the evening, be sure to head over to Royal Vegas online casino at There is no reason why you should be deprived of the casino games you adore just because you live far away from a traditional casino! In addition, an online casino will also give you added benefits like very generous new player welcome bonuses.

Cute Korean

Korean fashion is all about looking cute and youthful. While in the West we tend to focus on looking sexy or sultry, in Korea one aims to look sweet and cute instead. Korean women typically cover their shoulders and collarbones as it is thought of as immodest to show them in their culture. But if you think Korean fashion is all about being covered from wrists to ankles –you are sorely mistaken! Think short skirts, and pair this with a cream or pastel coloured blouse with a high neckline. Look for unique blouses that have lace or crocheted elements, or some kind of embellishment on the collar. For accessories, opt for a bow in the hair, and some wedge heels to elongate your legs. For the ultimate Korean inspired look, adopt some Korean make-up trends too. Ditch the face contouring and instead go for a dewy finish that will tie together this cute and youthful look.

Country girl

An element of that American Southern country girl look always finds its way into fashion magazines. There is something so timeless about it, that it will always be trendy. The key here is to be selective with how you style this type of a look. It is so easy to land up looking like a cowgirl from head to toe. You do not want to find yourself getting carried away with this trend, with denim on denim, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. It will all be too much if worn together at once, and you do not want to go out looking like an extra for a Western movie or a guest who has lost her way to a themed party! Choose one or two country elements and style them tastefully.

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