For James Charity Black Tie & Tiara Ball – Crown Plaza Liverpool 19th March 2016

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James Bulger will never be forgotten. He was a fun-loving, innocent little boy whose life was so cruelly taken away from him.

Millions remember with horror the terrible abduction and murder of two-year-old James, that happened in February 1993 in the Bootle and Liverpool areas of the United Kingdom.

To this day James’ mother Denise Fergus continues to receive messages of sympathy and support from people all over the world.

The aims and objectives of the James Bulger Memorial Trust Ltd are to benefit and support young people who are disadvantaged by reason of having become the victims of crime, hatred or bullying. To reward those who are judged to have shown exemplary conduct, making a positive contribution to the welfare of others, or society in general.

To do so by providing cost-free travel and holiday accommodation for such children and their families; along with a range of other tangible rewards, as deemed appropriate by the Trustees or their appointed representatives, and to support other organisations benefiting children in similar circumstances, as deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

The latest Black Tie & Tiara event will take place at The Crown Plaza in Liverpool on Saturday 19th March 2016.

The night will be held to mark  James 26th birthday.

The tickets are priced at £55 per person or a table of 10 for £500.

There are corporate sponsorships available for companies that would like to support us on the night, Please contact Stuart at for more information and price listings.

The night will consist of a glass of bubbly on arrival with a 3 course meal. (Dietary requirements will be taken when tickets are purchased)

Entertainment for the evening will be a performance by Jake Quickenden and Mic Lowry along with Kiera Weathers ( X – Factor ), Rock Choir, Gary Barker, Chris Maloney, MD Productions, Redd, The Ambition and Girl Talk.

announced very soon which will consist of some stars of the present and of the past, There will be some amazing items on the night that can be won and bid upon.

To purchase tickets or to enquire about anything regarding the For James appeal contact

To see your banner here, please email me for more information at


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    For James Charity Black Tie & Tiara Ball – Crown Plaza Liverpool 19th March 2016 – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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