Bridget Jones Charity Screening Lunch In Aid Of Cash For Kids

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Yesterday 150 local ladies, and a few brave men including X Factors Marcus Collins, took to the red  carpet  at the Odeon Cinema Liverpool One for the eagerly awaited Bridgette Jones’ Baby on Friday  at a charity screening lunch in aid of Radio  City’s Cash for Kids.

The event, hosted by Radio City’s Claire Simmo saw Bridgette’s loyal fans tread the red carpet premiere screening at the Odeon Cinema in Liverpool One, where guests were treated to a drink on arrival and a  bag of popcorn before taking their seats to be the first in the region to see the movie.

After the movie guests made their way to the Hilton Hotel, Liverpool One,  where guests were welcomed with an arrival drink before enjoying a three course lunch with entertainment from Victoria Sharpe, who performed a rousing rendition of ‘All by myself’ from the original soundtrack.   Guests then made their way through to the PIMA Bar, where they ‘wet the baby’s head’ with the help DJ to keep the party going in the Hilton’s PIMA Bar.

The event was, organised by Carolyn Hughes, CHPR, in association with Radio City’s Cash for Kids and supported by Barclays ,and  Carolyn Hughes said “We feel that we have been with Bridgette throughout her life, so it seemed only right that we should all be here to support her at this stage of her life as well.  She might have grown up a little and become a parent, but her charm and vulnerability is still there, along with the humour.  It is a great way to watch the movie and raise much needed funds for Radio City’s Cash for Kids”.


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