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Going out with a hot date? Interviewing for a job? Regardless of the reason, you feel so much better if you have nice nails. With so many types,shapes and styles and beauty salons offering their services left right and centre it can be quite daunting knowing where to make an appointment. I would totally recommend  going to The Gallery In Old Swan Liverpool as i have been a client there for 14 years now and all i can say is they are the best in business! The level of professionalism is at another level compared to many competitors. There are a few different nails that you can get so here is a little bit of info so you know what to ask for when making an appointment,

 Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are used either as tips or as whole-nail overlays (sculptured). The nails are a by combination of a polymer (powdered acrylic) and a monomer (liquid acrylic). The mixture, which hardens, is applied using a brush. Acrylic nails are the hardest and strongest of all the artificial nails.

 Acrylic tips, also known as French manicures, can be glued on to the tips of natural nails to create an extension of the nail. Different nail accessories can be added to acrylic nails, such as nail stickers or glue-on gems.

 Over time, acrylic nails will grow out with your natural nails. Every two to three weeks, you need to return to the salon to have the acrylic nails filled in.

 Removal of acrylic nails is painless. Simple soaking in nail polish remover for 15 minutes usually does the trick. You can do this at home or the girls at the salon can do this for you.

Gel Nails 

Gel nails are made with a UV or light-cured gel made with a pre-mix of polymers and monomers. This gel is brushed on to the surface of the nail and then set under an ultraviolet or UV light. No-light gels are also becoming popular.

 Gel nails are cured with a gel activator, which is brushed or sprayed on to the nails. The nails can also be soaked in water for activation.

 Although gel nails look more natural than acrylic ones, they are not as hard and durable. Those who type quite a bit or play musical instruments may want to reconsider gel nails as the gel seal tends to crack when in constant contact with other surfaces.

 These nails, like the acrylic ones, also grow out with your natural nails and need to be filled in every couple of weeks.

 Gel nails can easily be removed by soaking them in nail polish remover.

Nail Wraps

One way to strengthen weak nails is to glue fabric wraps to them. This helps cracked nails grow out. Many wraps are made out of silk, although you will also be able to find them in linen, paper, or fiberglass.

 Silk nails are fit to your nail’s shape, held in place, and then glued using a brush.

 Silk nails are intended to be more temporary than acrylic or gel nails. The adhesives used for silk nails will loosen within two to three weeks.

To see what other treatments that are available at The Gallery check out their website http://www.thegallerynailsbeauty.co.uk or call 0151-220-2883 to make an appointment.

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