20% Off With Facial Friday At Ultracell Mediaspa

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Right guys so if you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know I am obsessed at the moment with Environ Facials at Ultracell Medispa. If your looking to try them out then they are offering 20% off Environ Facials or purchase an Environ product and receive Environ Facial for half price, this Friday and next Friday (20th May 2016/ 27th May 2016).

As well as the Environ Facials they are also offering 20% off the 3D Lipo facials. These are perfect if you have any issues around the jaw/eye area. The Cryolypolysis works by freezing fat( Perfect for those who have a double chin ) or you can have the RF skin tightening treatment which is good for lifting any chosen areas.

For bookings / prices / info call the girls at Ultracell Medispa on 0151-523-4973 and they will be happy to assist you.

Ultracell Medi Spa

Vesty Business Park,

Vesty Rd,


L30 1NY

0151 523 4973



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