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New TV Chat Show ‘Late Night Thirsty’ Launches In Liverpool

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New TV chat show ‘Late Night Thirsty’ launches in Liverpool

New television chat show Late Night Thirsty, also known as LNT, has launched in Liverpool. The show is the brainchild of Londoners Kriss and Abel, who recently moved to Liverpool to co-present the show alongside fellow host, model and business woman Layla Flaherty.

Late Night Thirsty aims to be unique and fearless, addressing current and controversial topics in an engaging way. Interactive elements will be a key feature of the show, with guests having the chance to complete a hover board assault course in the studio.

“With Late Night Thirsty we wanted to create something that viewers haven’t seen before, a show which is fresh, relevant and insightful with just the right amount of fun thrown in” says presenter Kriss.

Long-term friends Abel and Kriss envisioned the concept of Late Night Thirsty after they realised there was no talk show on television which they enjoyed watching themselves. “Late Night Thirsty will break the mould by being something completely new with a hint of controversy thrown in” says Abel.

LNT will provoke and entertain, with viewers able to interact on social media by posing their own interview questions to the guests who will hail from the sporting, fashion, political and celebrity worlds.

The show will address news stories and political topics, keeping its finger on the pulse of current issues by engaging with its audience. A mixture of celebrity gossip, features and interviews will keep LNT relevant. “We are hugely excited to introduce Late Night Thirsty to Liverpool, we aim to be a show with a difference delivering a style of chat show which has not been seen before” said Kriss.

Layla Flaherty will draw on her background as a model and reality television star whilst presenting the show “I am delighted to be a part of this inspiring new concept, we want to be the show everyone is talking about. I am fascinated by what makes people tick and my degree in Psychology will contribute to my focused interview style. I look forward to showing people the real me” said Layla.

The short and snappy format of Late Night Thirsty will reinvent the formal style of traditional talk shows, offering a diverse blend of fun content and thought-provoking topics. “We look forward to welcoming a varied mixture of guests from all walks of life to the LNT studio” said Kriss.

Late Night Thirsty promises to be the hottest show in Liverpool and the show will also cover what is on in the area, giving viewers an overview of nightlife, dining out, culture and the Arts in the city.


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