James Bulger Charity Ball At The Alephi In Liverpool

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Ryan Mira, Jade Ainsworth (me), Jenny Wright, Mark Byron image supplied by Stephen Farrell

Last Friday I was invited to attend the James Bulger Charity Black Tie Ball at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel and what a pleasure it was to be involved at such a fantastic event. Stars were out in force to celebrate what would have been James 25th birthday on the 16th March. Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh was joined by her teenage daughter, Emilie and they both performed amazingly on stage. Tina Malone, Hollyoaks actor James Sutton, Philip Oliver and Michael Starke were also there to show their support.


Stuart Fergus, Denise Fergus, Kim Marsh, Reese Lightning

Denise Fergus (James mum) set up the ‘ For James ‘ charity to keep James memory alive and help children who have suffered bereavement or been a victim of crime, hatred or bullying. The total raised on the night was £23,000, which was amazing!


Jenny Wright, Jade Ainsworth ( me ), Michael Starke

Watching that footage of what happened that day was absolutely heart breaking. I couldn’t control the tears. The pain that his poor mum and family have been through is devastating. My situation with the murder of my Daughters dad is not the same but in some ways quite similar. Besides the loss of that person you have to deal with the sudden shock and the circumstances in the way in which they were killed, you end up questioning yourself thinking if you would have done something differently that day would things have been different. A hole is left inside of you that will never ever be filled again. Unless you have been in a similar situation, people sympathize but to be honest no body knows! Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day.. All these occasions are a just reminder of how you’re life has changed and will never be the same again.

I think it is fantastic that Denise has set this charity up so that James memory lives on and that she has tried to make something positive come out of her dreadful situation and help others. It was an absolute honor to be a part of this fantastic cause and if there is anything what so ever I can do to help this charity going forward then I definitely will!

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