Become A Model With LMI

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LMI hold 4 annual events

Little miss Mr Liverpool

The face of Liverpool

Lmi beauty pageant

Liverpool’s next top model

Think you have got what it takes to start a career in the modelling industry then LMI have something to offer you! With these 4 events put on in the Hilton each year this is your perfect opportunity to get the experience you require to tackle the modelling world!

All ages boys and girls NO RESTRICTIONS!

Apply online. Models pay no fees.

Each model must attend photo shoot prior to the live event. Photo shoot is free but there is an option to buy your portfolio if you wish.

Model training academy is run a few weeks before each event. This is exclusive to finalist.

Models need 2 outfits glam evening wear and Eco wear.

All models raise for chosen charity and there is a public vote held 2 weeks before the show.

Overall Winning £1000 cash prize!

LMI aim to give a huge confidence boost as well as made it possible for all contestants to make new friends and make lasting memories.


LMI. …. Where it all begins

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