Tutoring For Ages 5 – 11 M.C. Tuition Is What You And Your Child Need

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Do you want to improve your child’s achievement grades in English & Maths? Does your child need more confidence?

THEN M.C TUITION is just what you and your child needs!

A local, independent tutor who is ready to help. Passionate about child development and confident that whatever age or ability has a programme that will help your child:

  • Improve English & Maths Skills
  • Develop concentration and study habits
  • Build self-belief & lasting confidence
  • Improve their all-round academic achievement

Aims to nurture confident, independent learners – those who will be prepared to meet challenges in school and beyond. Works to build confidence in students. English Is Everywhere… Embrace It Dont Try To Escape It


With a growing emphasis on Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 SAT’s exams and also Secondary School entrance exams, children will require more support than what their classroom teacher can offer them. With hectic and busy parent work-lives, children can sometimes be left to complete homework and deal with the pressures of school work alone. That is where M.C. Tuition can help offering advice and support. With being a primary school teacher  has access to all the latest education documents and expectations.

Maths Is Like Marmite You Either Hate It Or Love It

A dedicated Maths tutor could just be what your child needs whether they are excelling in the field or need some extra support to allow them to access the expectations of the new national curriculum.  M.C. Tuition provides comfortable and safe environments whereby children feel able to try new skills and progress at their own pace.


With an aim to remain competitively placed within the field whilst still being reasonably priced, prices include preparation time and travel within Liverpool. Extra fees are supplementary if homework is required.

Key Stage 1 – £20 per hour

Key Stage 2 – £23 per hour


Feedback from:Faten (Mrs)

Rating: 5/5 Rating

Date: 07/12/2013 11:00:31

Michelle is a great teacher who knows how to teach the children and reach their heart. My children love her. Michelle is working with them to improve their English and Math. My son has gain more confidence in school and his performance has improved significantly. My daughter is improving as well and she loves Michelle a lot. Finally Michelle has the experience and ability to teach the children and make them love her.

To enquire about home tuition or for more information call Michelle on 07850-526-003

or send her an email mishclough@aol.com



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