Skin Rejuvenation Through INTRAcel™ At The Lip Doctor

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A revolutionary skin rejuvenation system, INTRAcel™ utilizes innovative technology that defies the ageing process. It enhances the texture of your complexion, beautifying it by tightening sagging skin, minimizing the visible signs of ageing, and reducing the noticeability of scarring. It is one of the most popular aesthetic devices available today, partly because it has proven to be so effective and results in little to no downtime once the procedure has been completed.


What It Can Do

INTRAcel enhances the natural beauty of the skin by reducing many of the common signs of ageing. Its innovative technology invigorates the skin with fresh life that is readily seen as the texture of the skin becomes more refined and less wrinkled.

An in-office treatment, INTRAcel can be used for a variety of purposes. Through the use of variable intensities targeting different skin depths, this treatment can:

.   Minimise visibility of fine lines, creases, and wrinkles

.   Tighten the skin of the neck and jowls, reducing the noticeability of sagging skin

.   Shrink large pores

.   Promote faster healing of acne breakouts

.   Improve appearance of acne scarring

.   Minimise noticeability of stretch marks


The INTRAcel Process

 INTRAcel uses a Fractional RF Microneedle™ array that transposes electrical energy into thermal energy, producing RF (radio frequency) emissions that exit through a 1.3mm opening at the apex. Every needle in the system is insulated at its tip, which helps to protect your skin from the kind of damage that can occur to the epidermis with standard laser treatments, including stress and pigmentation issues.

The unique microneedling™ technology involves the rapid penetration of the skin by specially designed micro-needles, producing a tiny column within the skin that results in the presence of a growth factor to facilitate healing naturally. A high-tensioned RF emission targets the skin at the same time diminishing the presence of existing collagen fibres in order to stimulate the production of new collagen supplies. Collagen is essential to the skin’s ability to resist the kind of damage caused by the ageing process as well as by acne breakouts and environmental pollution.

This series of small micro-needles is optimized to produce sufficient thermal energy to denaturalize skin cells. This results in the elimination of the causes of acne bacteria as well as sebaceous glands and acne breakouts. Therefore, this system can help to prevent acne outbreaks, whilst encouraging faster healing from them.

Beneficial Results

 INTRAcel provides non-surgical skin tightening and re-texturising of the complexion. It is safe to use and causes only minimal pain. It is non-abrasive due to the fact that its RF pulses target areas that lie beneath the epidermis. The effectiveness of INTRAcel is credited to its unique technological system which incorporates the delivery of RF emissions through an intercellular route.




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