Preventing Sun Damaged Hair On Holiday

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Everybody knows that the suns harmful rays can cause long term damage to the skin. However many people don’t stop to think of the effects it can have on your hair. Exposure to the sun and water can cause hair to become faded, dry, frizzy and brittle. A look, that none of us fancy having. Here are a few tips to keep them lovely flowing bouncy locks revitalised even after a long day in the sun.

Use UV – Blocking Hair Products


 There are a lot of hair care products on the market now a days. Specifically tailored for protection against UV rays. Most are hairsprays or leave in conditioners. Try Kerastase Paris Soleil Micro – Voile Protecteur Spray RRP £19.50 available on All Beauty for £13.65 (saving 30%).

Or if your on a budget, a quick spritz of UV Protectant spray can also do the trick. Look for something that is at least SPF15 and provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. I would say this is a must for anybody’s hair that has been chemically treated as dyed hair is prone to sun damage.

Stay Hydrated

 Making sure you drink plenty of water is also top of the priorty list as this makes sure you hair doesn’t get fried in the sun. Periodically spritzing your hair with water can provide an extra layer of protection again sunlight and chlorine. While moisturising products like leave in conditioner are also more effective when applied to wet hair.

Cover It Up


 If you are a bit of a fashionista then maybe try keeping your hair under wraps. A nice hat or scarf makes a great barrier and also makes a bit of a statement by the pool.

Ditch The Heat Based Tools


 When on holiday the temperatures are already high so the last thing your hair needs is extra stress from hot styling tools. Hair dryers, ghds, wands can intensify sun damage. So if you can try and steer clear of them. I tend to just put my hair in a gelled back pony or braids when on holiday, but if you cant get away with out using them make sure you apply a heat protectant beforehand like Clynol Shape Flatter Thermal Protector RRP £10.70 available on All Beauty for £8.25 (22% discount).

Moisturize In The Shower

Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are a perfect way to start the day before hitting the rays. These products can revitalize sun-damaged hair and prevent further protein damage. Just avoid products with sulfates. Natural oils are also an option for keeping hair moist, soft and lively in the sun.

Be Gentle With Wet Hair


 Hair is a lot more fragile when its wet. So be careful not to be too rough! Brushing tangled hair from wet can rip strands out. Whilst tying wet hair back in a tight bun or pony can also cause strand to snap. This is something I need to be careful of as I tie my hair back a lot I have a bit of breakage around my hairline so make sure you don’t put too much pressure especially if you have hair extensions as the weight of the hair can cause a lot of damage. Try loose styles of a day and after swimming and use a detangling spray if wet hair is unruly like this Uniq One fantastic hair product. We use this every day in our salon. If you are going to buy just one product then make sure its this one. A great all rounder! RRP £14.99 available on All Beauty for £7.65 (49% saving). 


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