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So last week I was busy shooting Mark Melia’s spring summer 2014 collection in Liverpool’s newest hotspot Empire, and I absolutely loved every design. Cant wait to have a few balls and extra special events to go to so I can get the pleasure of wearing these beauties. Every dress is designed and tailored to perfection and with events like ascot and summer proms around the corner these will be guaranteed showstoppers for any of you fashionistas.


Long Peach Pleated Maxi Dress £340



White Embellished Basque With Fish Tail Skirt £470


Long Coral Fish Tail Dress With Gold Embellishment £340


Black Netted Full Lengh Skirt With Gold Basque £380


Short Cream Fitted Dress With Gold Embellishment £320

For more information call Mark Melia on 0151-709-8881 or visit his show room on 33 School Lane, City Centre, Liverpool L1 3D

Location Empire Bar / Nightclub

Photographer Lynne Carville ( for bookings call 07901 000014 )

Hair Jenny Wright

To see your banner here, please email me for more information at jade@jadeainsworthgossip.co.uk


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