LW Darker Than Dark Glam Self Tan Review

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As the weather picks up and the sun comes out, I thought I’d review a fake tan to give me a little extra colour.

LW TAN fake tan is the ultimate fake tan lotion for all you fake tan lovers out there! It gives your skin a beautiful sun kissed golden glow – perfect for spring!

The Darker than Dark Glam Tan is the latest product in the LW range, but the full range of tans features lotions, mousses and sprays. I reviewed the new darker than dark Glam Tan and I must say I twas highly impressed. The quality of the tan is extremely high, applied with a LW tan mitt it glides on effortlessly and smells divine.

The LW self tan is available to purchase in three different shades, a medium tan, dark tan, and darker than dark tan. The range is perfect from paler complexions through to dark skin tones, like mine. The medium tan in perfect for paler skin as it gives your skin a glow and best of all the LW tan does not streak!

LW also offers a great selection of tan care and prep products, including professional tanning mitts (which are a must when applying the tan), exfoliator and you can even purchase everything you need in a handy tan care kit. The tan and care kits are great for summer, perfect size to take away on holiday and also a perfect gift idea.

Perfect for all occasions, I’d recommend it for the races this time of year! It’s effortless to apply and smells lovely, it doesn’t leave you with nasty streaks and ultimately you looking healthy and radiant – just what you want in a fake tan!


DARKER THAN DARK GLAM TAN (250ml) – £19.95

(FREE UK delivery on all orders over £25.00 – see homepage below for details.)

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