Lemon Water My New Drink With So Many Benefits

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At the moment I am absolutely loving lemon water! My pal Eden put me onto it on saturday and since then I have been drinking glass after glass, so much so i chopped my bloody finger!! (ouch) so just be careful when giving it ago. I have been slicing half a lemon and adding it to iced water and the taste is just so refreshing, not only does it taste really nice it also fills you up and also puts any cravings you may have at bay. I normally get quite peckish around 8pm so instead of making a cup of tea and opening a packet of biscuits I’ve swapped it for a glass of this and it really helps! These are also the health benefits associated with drinking lemon water:-

  1. Lemon is a natural energiser it hydrates and oxygenates the body so it feels revitalised and refreshed.
  2. Boosts your immune system balance pH
  3. Flush out unwanted materials
  4. Decrease wrinkles and blemishes
  5. Relieve tooth pain
  6. Relieves respiratory problems
  7. Cures throat infections
  8. Excellant for weight loss
  9. Reduces fever
  10. Blood purifier


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