Last Saturdays Grand National Antics

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Last Saturday was The Grand National here in Liverpool and rather than go to Aintree Imix Events put on an alternative race day in Herbert Of Liverpool’s Bling Bling building, which we were invited to. I was so glad as last year i went to all three days at Aintree, and think i may have over killed it! Don’t get me wrong the day is great there but its always absolutely freezing and a nightmare getting to town afterwards with so many roads being closed off and no access allowed. I remember last year walking for just over an hour with Herbert to the limo that was picking us up absolutely frozen to the bone and thought to myself never again!!! By the time we finally made it to Restaurant Bar & Grill i just wanted to be home in bed with my onesie on and a cup of tea to warm up!


We started out quite early having a little glass of champers and getting our makeup done in Boudoir Childwall then got to the event for about 1 o’clock where we were welcomed with fabulous goody bags with all the bits and bobs needed for the day. We had flip flops, binoculars, betting slips and a pen. There were girls going round collecting our betting slips and putting them on for us whilst we stood back and watched the race on the plasma screens sipping champagne. The portable bar was set up with a choice of various cocktails,every drink was freezing cold and made to perfection which is quite hard to find in most of the top bars let alone a mobile one! So well done guys and thank you for inviting us we had a lovely day.


We then went on to Empire on Seel Street where they hold  Sintillate  every Saturday downstairs in Dojo. We were presented with these amazing cocktails called One Flew Over The Koko Kanu’s Nest which were to die for! They were actually unbelievable and being the cocktail lover  i am, gave these baby’s 10/10!!!  So we will definitely be returning back next weekend for some more of them! If you are looking for somewhere to try this weekend then give it a go! Its always a good night with really good music for all ages.


We then finally ended the night in my usual gaff Chameleon Bar! It was so nice to go and see all the lovely staff who i haven’t seen for a while and have a boogie to Ian Longo and Rob McPartland who were supplying the tunes! Can feel the going out bug starting to get back in my system as the summer approaches so looks like well be part of the furniture again there very soon!



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