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The festive season is now finally over and to help update your wardrobe and get ready for Spring i have teamed up with MissGuided to bring to you some fabulous pieces!

The colour to be seen in once the temperatures pick up is nude but there are so many ways of wearing it!

Alot of people worry about experimenting with this colour and tend to steer clear of it as they have a misconception it can wash you out but my top tip is if you pick a shade slightly darker than your skin tone you can wear it well! Dont be afraid to experiment and a little spray tan always tends to help too!

I have personally hand picked these pieces and have tried to show something to enhance every shape and size!

Jacy  Long Sleeved Playsuit in nude – £29.99


Playsuits are a must for me at the minute i have worn quite a few threw the winter but will definitely continue threw to the summer. This lacy number will cause a stir, the long sleeved detail gives a chic and elegant touch.

Hattie  Sequin One Shoulder Dress in nude – £44.99


Perfect sequin number for an event, i love these style dresses as they enhance your curves and the sequin effect catches the light as you walk.

Kira Strappy Sequin Swing Dress in nude – £34.99


I love this little strapy swing dress you can wear sequins in an understated way. This is a really flattering shape and perfect if your having a little boogie!

Daira Loose Shift Dress in nude – £ 19.99


This shape dress has been a must for me threw the winter having the leopard, orange and black versions i will definitely be adding the nude to the collection for Spring and they work really well of a day with jeans or leggings and with heels of an evening.

Skaila Sequin Maxi Dress in nude – £48.99


I have saved my favourite  piece to the last as this is fantastic value and perfect for a special event and at £48.99 you certainly cant complain! This sweeping floor sequinned maxi is definitely a head turner! Its delicate straps and low back gives it that understated sex appeal!

To see more colour choices or different styles check out www.missguided.co.uk fashion on a budget!


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    Get Ready For Spring With MissGuided – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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    Get Ready For Spring With MissGuided – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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