George At Asda Children’s Wear Range

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Last week on the way home from the gym I needed a quick food shop so as i was passing Asda in Hunts-cross thought to nip in there and I was totally amazed at their current children’s wear range. Not only is everything really really cheap there are also some really lovely designs in at the min. I spent £40 and came away with 3 really beautiful outfits! So much so when we took a trip to Lego Land I was stopped twice asking where I got Jasmine’s outfit from. So if your going food shopping this week make Asda top of your list or you can also have a little nose here online www.asda.com/george 


 Pink Denim Jacket from £9.00, Colourful Shirt Dress from £9.00 and Printed Leggings from £3.00

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