First Impressions Are Everything: Choosing the Perfect First-Date Outfit

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Your first date with a new partner is by far the most important one. After all, a first date determines whether or not there will be a second date, a third date, a relationship, or a marriage. That’s a lot of pressure for one night! No matter what your relationship goals might be, it’s completely normal to be nervous for a first date. Fortunately, picking an outfit that makes you feel fantastic can ease some of your uneasiness. The way that you present yourself will set the tone for the entire date. Your outfit should be something that makes you feel great about yourself so that you can focus on getting to know the person you’re with instead of worrying about how you look.

1. Pick something you can move freely in

Don’t try to squeeze into your skinny jeans because you think you’ll look thinner. If you can’t move comfortably, it doesn’t matter how thin you look. Feeling physically uncomfortable on your date will cause you to have an unpleasant time. Even if your partner is a great conversationalist and very attractive, you’ll be so focused on moving around that you won’t be paying attention to who you’re with.


2. Choose an outfit that brings out your best features

Do you have great eyes? Are your calves to die for? Do your shoulders look fantastic? Pick your favorite physical features and highlight those. Everyone has something that they’re uncomfortable with, so the trick is choosing physical qualities that you do like and accentuating those. If you have long, slender legs, show them off with a shorter skirt or shorts. If you have a great back, opt for a backless top. If your eyes are fantastic, choose a shirt that matches them.


3. Slim down with the right top

If you’ve got a few extra pounds in the belly region, the right top can make you appear slimmer. This will increase your self-confidence and help you to better enjoy your date. Opt for something with ruffles in the center of your shirt to draw your partner’s eyes inward. You could also opt to wear a light-colored blouse beneath a darker sweater or vest. This will also draw your partner’s eyes away from your belly and up to your face. Another option would be to choose a longer top. Tunic tops work especially well at slimming down extra weight in the hips and belly.


4. Practice walking in those shoes

Before you don your brand new shoes for your date, make sure that you try them on first. Practice walking around the house for at least half an hour to see how they fit. Can you move easily in them? Is it difficult to get up stairs? Are you going to be comfortable wearing the shoes for an entire evening? Remember that while your shoes might look fantastic, you need to make sure that they’re comfortable. Nothing ruins a fabulous pair of high heels faster than taking a tumble in front of your new beau.



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