Day Out At Chester Races With BezzyBuddies

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Yesterday we went on a day out to Chester Races and had a  fantastic day! We started the day off at Caveau in Woolton Village for a champagne breakfast which consisted of a full breckie which was gorgeous, just what we needed to start the day off and glass of champers! Then all 32 of us were given goodie bags courtesy of Debenhams Liverpool with makeup bags, Clinique products, perfumes and ipad cases which was such a lovely touch, as we  made our way to the coach and set off on the journey. The weather was absolutely fantastic, from the moment we got there till the second we left. The sun shinned all day, which made it for us. Thats the thing with Chester,  If the weather is awful it just ruins the day and completely puts you off going back but we touched lucky! Not only with the weather but we also won a few little cheeky bets too!


The event was organised by Bezzybuddies which for thoese of you who havent heard of it yet is a website and events company aimed to bring together like minded woman and find friends with similar interests and a similar lifestyle. So if you like the look of the pics and think it may be of interest to you register on the site to be updated with current events and days out that are planned. I can not wait for the next one! Thank you BezzyBuddies for a lovely day. Everything was perfect from start to finish!

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