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Celebs’ Favourite Health Drink Skinny V – Is The People’s Choice At The Brits

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 Beyoncé followed her show-stopping appearance at the GRAMMYs with a headline appearance at the Brits and organisers stocked up on the celebrities’ favourite, Skinny V, to keep Beyoncé and co. refreshed, hydrated and healthy.


 You won’t find the stars’ new cult favourite health drink on supermarket shelves just yet.  It’s sold at only the most exclusive clubs and at selected hotels and, of course, flown in to events like the Brits when the stars need to look and feel their best.

The range of mixers seems to have been an overnight success as footballers and their fashionable other halves have the exclusive health drink delivered directly to their grounds and homes.


Celebs including Prince, Pharrell Williams and Lorde were all impressed the celebs’ secret pick-me-up, Skinny V, which first became popular with athletes, musicians and actors because of the health benefits of this zero calorie, zero carb and sugar free soft drink, backstage at the Brits. They’ll also be leaving the venue with a bottle of Skinny V in their Roc Nation goodie bags.

 The sleek 250 ml white Skinny V bottles were a huge hit this week when it launched at London Fashion Week AW14.  Stylish celebrities from across the globe were seen sipping Skinny V at VIP receptions.  Whiskey Mist, Mahiki and Café De Paris hosted exclusive event around London Fashion Week and Skinny V was on every guest list.

 Skinny V is available in five flavours including the popular ‘Skinny Berry’, ‘Skinny Apple’ and ‘Skinny Tonic’.  The health-conscious drink it alone as a health drink but it’s also popular at the stars’ favourite bars as a mixer, providing the perfect accompaniment to vodka and gin but many also add to wine as the ultimate skinny spritzer.


Celeb-spotters suspect that while the cult favourite drink will be being sipped in its most innocent form back-stage at the Brits, the stars will almost certainly be seen enjoying Skinny V alongside their favourite spirits as they let their hair down at Hakkasan’s uber-exclusive after party. And if the UK’s leading music legends are nursing a few sore heads on Thursday morning, those Skinny V bottles will once again come to the rescue as the stars re-hydrate with this versatile drink which has a reputation for being the ultimate hangover cure!


At present, Skinny V’s manufacturers are keeping its distribution ultra-exclusive, focusing on serving the premium venues in key cities in the UK, but like most celebrity trends, it’s surely only a matter of time before this Hollywood health obsession filters through to the mainstream. Watch this space!


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